Frequently Asked Questions
1. How does BillEase work?

BillEase is your online and hassle-free shopping partner that allows you to shop and pay at a later time. All you have to do is to submit an application form, wait for our approval. Once approved, an initial credit limit will be established, which can be used to purchase from our 4,000+ merchant partners.

2. How do I make payments?

Read more about the hassle-free BillEase payment options here:

5 ways to pay your BillEase installment

3. How can I apply for BillEase installment plan?
Easy - simply download our app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and sign up for a BillEase account. Once approved, an initial credit limit will be established, which can be used to purchase from our 3,000+ merchant partners.
4. How long is your processing time?

Fast - We want you to enjoy your shopping experience as soon as possible. Approval can be immediate or up to one day depending on your submitted documents. The key is submitting complete and clear documents and valid IDs.

Just make sure you submit your online application before 6:00 PM because any applications beyond that will be considered as next day submission.

All applications submitted after 8:00 AM on a Sunday will be processed together with all the Monday applications on Tuesday. This allows our credit team to fully verify the information you provided and make better credit evaluation for everybody.

5. What are the requirements to avail BillEase installment plan?

If you are at least 18 years old and have a stable source of income, you are welcome to apply! In addition, we will also ask for your latest proof of income, proof of billing and one valid government ID to verify the information.

Examples of accepted proof of income: payslips, screenshots of bank transaction history, Upwork certificate of employment, Paypal transaction history, remittance slips, etc.

Examples of accepted proof of billing: Meralco bill (preferred), credit card bill, water bill, cable TV bill, post paid plan bill, etc.

6. I do not have a proof of billing under my name. Can I still apply?

Yes, it is okay if the proof of billing is not under your name. As long as it is recent and has your home address, it will work.

7. Do I need a credit card to apply?

No, you do not need a credit card to be eligible for our installment plan.

8. How will I know if my application is approved?

We don’t want to keep you waiting; we will send you an e-mail as soon as your application is approved. On the other hand, we will also notify you in case of non-approval through e-mail.

9. Does the Lazada Wallet funds expire?

Good news: The Lazada Wallet funds do not expire! You can use it to buy your Lazada purchases anytime you want.

10. How can I delete my BillEase account?

Before initiating the account deletion process, make sure that all your outstanding loans have been settled. Please note that once an account is deleted, it's irreversible, and in most cases, reactivation isn't an option. If you think you might need BillEase's services in the future, it's a good idea to keep your account active with minimal activity. Should you decide to proceed with the account deletion, please contact our Customer Support team through this chat link to assist you. We might need a few details to verify your identity, so keep them handy.

To learn more about our data retention policy, please check here.

11. Should I use my Lazada Wallet funds in one transaction or can I save some balance for later?

You can use your Lazada Wallet funds in more than one transaction as long as your balance is enough to cover the amount you want to purchase.

12. Do I need a comaker or references in order to avail of BillEase installment plan?

No, we do not require a comaker or references as part of the installment application.

13. I am a freelancer, can I still apply?

Yes! Freelancers are welcome to apply, as long as you meet the requirements. Please prepare proof of of source of income (such as PayPal transaction history, Upwork Certificate of Employment, bank transaction history, etc.) as part of the application process.

14. What if my Lazada order is returned/cancelled?

For Lazada: If and when your Lazada order is returned or canceled, Lazada will automatically begin to process your refund. Once processed, your refund will be deposited to your activated Lazada E-Wallet under the "Rebates" section.

But remember, all funds disbursed to your Lazada E-Wallet through BillEase Top-up are considered final and good as cash. The amount and schedule of your repayments will not change due to returned or canceled orders.

For other partner merchants: BillEase will refund any and all payments made due to merchant initiated returns and canceled orders, as soon as the merchant informs us. Please allow our team 1-2 banking days to process your refund.

15. What if the item I would like to purchase is out of stock?

If and when your Lazada order gets returned or canceled, Lazada will automatically begin to process your refund. This refund, once processed, will be deposited to your activated Lazada Wallet under the Rebates section.

Refunds made with Lazada Wallet is fast and efficient. According to Lazada, you can receive your refund in less than 24hrs after cancellation is finalized or the returned item is received and processed in their warehouse.

But remember: all funds disbursed through BillEase Top-Up are considered final and as good as cash. Therefore, the amount and schedule of your repayments will not be affected by any returned or canceled orders.

16. Can I pay early?

If you prefer paying via payment requests (, PalawanPay, M Lhuillier, and Cebuana Lhuillier): Simply send us an email at [email protected] and let us know the amount you would like to pay for. We will then send you a payment request, which you can use to make an early payment.

Note: payment requests for early payments are only valid within the day.

If you prefer paying via bank transfer: You can make early payments directly to BillEase's bank accounts. Afterwards, send a copy of your deposit slip or a screenshot of your transfer to [email protected] and wait for our confirmation.

17. What if I cannot pay on the due date?

If you are having financial difficulties and cannot make payments on time, please contact us and we will try to work out a payment schedule that works for you. Our only request is that you inform us before or on the due date in order to avail of a discounted charge.

18. What are the benefits of using my BillEase account and paying my installments on time?

There are many perks that customers can experience! You can:

  • Have a higher chance for a credit limit increase
  • Have a higher chance of availing cash loans
  • Build your credit score (we submit relevant data to credit bureaus)
  • Continue using BillEase for all your wants and needs!
19. Can I re-avail?

Of course! As long as you have paid off your current installment plan, you can re-avail for another one immediately. What's more, loyal customers with good payment records can enjoy added features, such as higher credit limit, longer installment terms, cash loans, and other cool perks.

20. What is BillEase Auto-debit?

BillEase Auto-debit is a payment option offered by BillEase in partnership with Alipay+ merchants. By authorizing a one-time account linking of your BillEase account with the merchant, the merchant can debit an amount from your available credit limit without requiring further confirmation such as One-time Password (OTP) or biometrics security.

This payment option can be used for various payment scenarios including one-time and recurring payments.

  1. How can I enable Auto-debit?

    The Auto-debit option is available through select Alipay+ merchants only.

    On the merchant site, select the Auto-debit => BillEase option in the payment method settings, then you will be redirected to BillEase to authorize the account linking.

    • For an existing customer, just e-sign the Auto-debit agreement and set your repayment preferences for upcoming purchases that you will pay using the Auto-debit facility.
    • For a new customer, complete the online registration process which will only take less than 5 minutes. Once registration is approved, you can continue the account linking.
  2. How can I change the payment setting of my Auto-debit with the merchant?

    Go to your BillEase account settings and click Auto-debit to view all your authorized Auto-debit arrangements with merchants. You can choose to unlink your account with the merchant or update your preferred payment settings for upcoming transactions.

  3. What if I see an unauthorized transaction?

    The Auto-debit facility strictly requires authorization from you before we can link your account with the merchant.

    If you see a loan on your BillEase account that you don't recognize, go to your BillEase account settings > Auto-debit and update the merchant setting.

    If you no longer intend to authorize a merchant for future transactions, click on Unlink in the details page.

    If you don't want to accept a charged transaction, contact the merchant and request for a refund.

  4. How to file a dispute regarding my Auto-debit transaction?

    To file a dispute for an Auto-debit transaction, please contact the merchant’s customer service and provide identifiers such as order ID and/or transaction ID.

    Please note that only the Merchant can reverse an Auto-debit transaction and turn around time may vary per Merchant. Any decision regarding the dispute depends on the terms and conditions (T&C) you agreed with the merchant prior to the account linking.

    You may also contact BillEase by sending an email to [email protected] with all the relevant details then we will file a dispute on your behalf. Please note that your request for any reversal depends on Merchant’s policy.

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