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The past year has undoubtedly been a year of uncertainty. Among other things, it highlighted the need for unity, strength, and being prepared for uncertainties that we may come across. And one area that we need to prepare for is…

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They say when it comes to your baby, "breast is best." That's true. Breastmilk, which is often dubbed as "liquid gold" has tons of benefits for both the mother and the baby. Unfortunately, breastfeeding will not be a walk in…

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What are your going out essentials? Aside from wearing decent, presentable clothes and wearing makeup, you can never leave home without perfume. Why? The sense of smell is among the most important senses. It enhances your mood and makes you…

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Heads up: your BillEase experience is about to get easier and more convenient because you can now link your online banking account for faster payments!


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Giorgio Armani once said that "a watch is one of the most important things that you buy, it says a lot about a person." That's true. Despite the presence of mobile phones, which can also serve as a timekeeper and…

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What is your go-to place when you need to buy skincare products or makeup? What about toys or small items for the house? Where do you go when you need electronic tools like earphones or USB cable? What about if…

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They say "life is too short to have boring hair." That's true. After all, you need to invest in your hair because it serves as your crown that you cannot take off. Hair products are readily available in supermarkets and…

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Admit it. Since the pandemic, your online shopping doubled. Many companies also improved or started their respective e-commerce sites to make it easier for them to reach out to customers. Various payment methods were likewise offered - bank deposit, GCash,…

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There's a reason why malls are a favorite destination by many people. It is a one-stop shop for everything you need - grocery, home decor and appliances, kids' clothes and toys, health and beauty products, and the list goes on.…

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Public transport is heavily affected as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. As of this writing, the government relaxed the rule from "one meter apart" to "one seat apart" in public utility vehicles, thereby allowing up to 50 percent passenger…

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