5 Bad Spending Habits You Gotta Kick from Your Life

You may not know this, but these bad spending habits can be affecting you and your finances in more ways than one. Here we identify the 5 bad spending habits you need to be made aware of and how you can avoid succumbing to them in the future.

The 5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Getting An Installment Plan

By now you must be seriously considering getting an installment plan. Installment plans are affordable, flexible, and accessible to virtually anyone. But before you sign your name on the dotted line, here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself before getting an installment plan.

How to Spot the Best 0% Installment Plan for You

Planning to get a 0% installment plan for your next big-item purchase? If your answer is yes, you might just be wondering which is the best 0% installment plan to avail. So let BillEase help you wade through the sea of installment plan options and pick out the best deal for your need. Let’s begin!

5 Tips on Paying for Your BillEase Loan Minus The Hassle

Paying for your BillEase loan should be the least stressful part of your loan process. But unfortunately for most people, this is not so. So here we wrote down 5 tips that can help you settle your BillEase loan in a hassle-free way!

Top 3 Warning Signs of Online Loan Scams

Knowing how to spot online loan scams is the first step in protecting yourself from being victimized by this type of heinous crime. So if you see one or more of these top 3 warning signs of online scams, run and never look back!

Should You Buy Smartphone via An Installment Plan?

Real talk: should you buy smartphone via an installment plan? With so many options out there in the market, it can be difficult to make sense of the fine prints. So in this article, let’s square up the facts and discuss the pros and cons of buying your smartphone via an installment plan.