Sell more with BillEase
Empower shoppers by providing checkout financing.
Increase Sales

Merchants experience up to 50% increase in basket size after offering Buy now, Pay Later with customers spending 5x more.

Transparent Pricing

No setup fees. No minimums. We only charge 2.5% per successful transaction.

Daily Settlement

Get payments right away. BillEase quickly settles daily through automated bank transfer.

Flexible Payment Options for Your Customers

Pay Later Pay Later

Customers pay the whole amount on the next pay day. No interest or fees.

Pay In Installments Pay In Installments

For purchases within customer's credit limit, whole amount will be financed. No down payment required. Our rates start at an affordable 3.49%.

Pay with Down Payment Pay with Down Payment

For large purchases beyond customer's credit limit, BillEase supports down payment. All handled on our platform.

We Support Merchants of All Sizes

We support any type of consumer business from retail to travel, healthcare to education


We offer a solution for e-commerce, brick-and-mortar shops, and offline stores with online ordering system

Any Size

Whether you're a sole proprietor or a big corporation, we will help you scale

What Makes Us Different?

Quick Approvals Quick Approvals

Instant customer onboarding through proprietary decisioning technology.

Proven Results Proven Results

Trusted by iconic retail partners with increased sales and conversions.

No Chargeable Risk No Chargeable Risk

Takes all risks, from costly chargeback to fraud.

Simple & Ethical Pricing Simple & Ethical Pricing

Cheap and transparent pricing designed for consumers' growth.

Get Started Today

Apply in minutes

Get your business verified and become a BillEase merchant in less than 48 hours



Simply add BillEase to your checkout next to your other payment methods


Start accepting installments

Offer checkout financing and alternative payment option that does not incriminate

Integration Doesn't Get More Seamless


No code platform? No problem.

Gain access to our dashboard and start accepting BillEase payments with no integration required. Send live payment URLs to customers and process installments via email.

Join Our Growing Merchant Ecosystem

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