10 Unique Valentines Day Gifts for Your Best Girl

It’s that time of the year again, folks! Valentines Day is just around the corner. What perfect way is there to express how much you love and care for your significant other than to give her a unique Valentines Day gift?

And we get it, thinking of a perfect gift can be hard. You’d have to consider her personality, her likes, and even her dislikes. Understandably, you’d also want for your gifts to be unique and memorable. Last but definitely not the least, we know you have to consider your budget as well!  

Don’t worry, my dudes, because we got you covered. In this article, we list down 10 unique Valentines Day gifts that you can give your Best Girl this year. Scroll through our gallery to see if you can find the perfect gift!

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Lazada Makes Gift-Buying Easier

With Valentines Day coming, we are 99.99999% sure that people are going to once again flock the mall in search of the perfect gift for their significant other.

Why not make your gift-buying experience hassle-free by shopping at Lazada instead? This year, Lazada is offering up to 75% off on their Taobao collection. The Valentines Day Taobao collection not only features gift items but also Valentines Date essentials. Now you can score the perfect gift and the perfect look for your romantic day!

Not only that but Lazada is also partnering up with other brands such as Silverworks and Chupa-Chups (we’re not kidding!) to give you a Mega-Sized Valentines Day Gift this year.

Browse through their collections to see what catches your eye!


Get your Lazada Purchases with a Hassle-Free Installment Plan

Here’s an additional tip: why not try using BillEase for your Valentines Day online shopping needs? With BillEase, you can get your Lazada purchases (up to ₱10,000!) on an easy-to-pay installment plan?

BillEase is one of the newest online shopping partners for Lazada Philippines. It is an online and hassle-free service that provides an installment payment option for your online shopping without the need for a credit card or a debt comaker.

Read more about BillEase’s features and how you can apply for a loan by watching the video below.

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