UPDATED: Pay for Your BillEase Installment via GCash with Two Easy Ways!

UPDATED: Pay for Your BillEase Installment via GCash with Two Easy Ways!

You can now pay your BillEase via GCash via two super easy ways. Find out how you can take advantage of this wonderful life hack – details below!

Now more than ever, convenience is king. In these unprecedented times, it’s important to be able to do every transaction we can do from the comforts of our homes.

And that’s why online payment methods are all the more important now. Among those is GCash. Fast, convenient, and relatively charge-free, GCash is certainly on the front line of the Filipinos’ journey towards cashless payments.

We’ve already introduced one way to pay your BillEase payments via GCash but here we are introducing another one.

Let’s go through the step-by-step process!


All you need is your coins.ph account and your GCash account.

STEP 1: Open your GCash account

What we’re essentially doing is transferring funds from your GCash account to your coins.ph account. So login to your GCash and choose “Bank Transfer”. You’ll notice that there’s quite a long list of options you can choose from – click “View More”.

For easier process, just type “DCPay Philippines, Inc.

You can now pay your BillEase via GCash.
You can now pay your BillEase via GCash.

STEP 2: Enter your details

The rest is pretty easy. Just input the amount you want to transfer (sidenote: learn how to generate your own payment request here), your account name, and your account number and click “Send Money”.

Important: For Account Number put your mobile number you use in your coins.ph account. The format should be: 09xxxxxxxxx

You can now pay your BillEase via GCash.

And that’s it! Your payment is now on its way to coins.ph and should arrive within 10 minutes. The next step is to pay your BillEase installment via coins.ph

STEP 3: Access your payment request via your email

Whether you generated your own payment requested or got a hold of one through our payment reminders, access it via email. A number of payment methods will pop out, but for this instance let’s choose “coins.ph”

STEP 4: Enter your details

Once more, enter your details – your coins.ph account and amount of funds you want to pay (make sure you pay the exact amount as in your payment request!).

Confirm your transfer and voila! You’ve managed to pay for your BillEase installment minus the hassle. And you know what’s the best part in this?

No service charges. *wink*


Another easy way to pay for your BillEase installment is via Gcash and Instapay.

You’ll only need to follow three steps.

STEP 1: Cash in to your GCash account

There are different ways to cash in to your GCash account. You can either use direct bank transfers, your debit card, or manually top-up your Gcash account via payment kiosks.

STEP 2: Send to your preferred BillEase’s bank account

Login to your GCash account and click “Send Money” before clicking “Send to Bank”. Choose your preferred BillEase bank and give it a click.

Enter the amount you want to pay. Once again, refer to the amount on your payment request for an accurate calculation of your monthly dues.

Next, enter BillEase’s account name and account number. You may visit our FAQ or refer below for the list BillEase banks.

SECURITY BANK – our preferred bank account. We encourage customers to pay here!

  • Account Name: First Digital Finance Corp.
  • Account Number: 0000-001768-090


  • Account Name: First Digital Finance Corp.
  • Account Number: 011290007371


  • Account Name: First Digital Finance Corp.
  • Account Number: 0000-001768-090

Click “Send Money”. Review your transaction details and click “Confirm” once you’re satisfied.

And that’s it! Easy, right? You will receive your payment confirmation and you can now send us your proof of payment.

But… How?


Did you hear? Billease has a new way for customers to send us their proofs of payment if your paying via bank transfer.

Instead of emailing your proof of payment to [email protected], you can simply login to your BillEase account via our website and upload your proof of payment there!

Read more about this new feature here.

An acceptable proof of payment must have BillEase’s account number, the transaction date, and the amount paid.

So for your GCash to bank payment, a screenshot of any of the following would be:

  • GCash’s SMS confirmation
  • Your GCash transaction history
  • Email receipt of your GCash transaction

Important note: these are the only receipts that we can approve for GCash payments. Keep these in mind for a hassle-free payment and verification process!

Screenshots we can’t approve:

And here’s another pro-tip: Add a few centavos to your payment (like 150.78 instead of 150). That way we can reconcile your payment faster.

No worries, every extra centavo will be applied to your next payment.

Once you’ve upload your proof payment, you can sit back and wait for our team to verify it and credit your payment to your account. Easy, right?

Now more than ever, Filipino consumers need the convenience that online banking and online shopping has to offer. And as always, BillEase is glad to make things convenient to you, our loyal customers.

What do you think of our new payment methods? Drop your comments below!

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  1. ned

    dami nyo sinasabi
    day 1 process inabot ng 5 days tapos double check pa
    nag pa request uli ng evidence
    di sana pina interview nyo na lang ako sa trabaho ko mas mabilis pa bumbay magpahiram kesa sa inyo e

    1. Kaila

      Hi Ned! As per checking, your application has already been rejected. Thank you.

  2. Lorna Cardinas

    Can Billease loan, now upgraded to cash? via widrawal to any lbc merchant

    1. Kaila

      Hi Lorna! We do have a cash loan feature that enables customers to convert their BillEase cash limit to cash either via their coins.ph account or a preferred bank. However, eligibility for that feature is determined by our system and it is not available for everyone. 🙂

  3. Robert

    paano po gamitin ang billease ung sakin kse still not working last week pako nag apply

    1. Aira Dantes

      Thanks for your inquiry Robert! You may visit our website (www.billease.ph) and move the sliders from left to right to set your preferred amount and terms. Then, click the “Apply Now” button so you can view our online form and be able to fill it up.

  4. April mae Allas

    I can’t use top up feature to tazada , can I get this to gcash and transfer it to my BPI account?

    1. Aira Dantes

      Once you purchase a GCash Top Up, this will be credited on your verified GCash account under “Available Balance”. You can try to transfer the amount on your Bank Account, however we cannot guarantee since we believe that GCash do have some verification process before you can withdraw/transfer the amount. Thank you.

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