Here’s a Super Fast BillEase Payment Method via Instapay!

There’s a new BillEase payment method in town and it’s Instapay! Learn how you can use this new service that promises instant fund transfer to pay for your BillEase installments. Read on to learn more!

What’s your preferred BillEase payment method? For a big portion of our customers, it’s via bank transfer and it’s easy to understand why. This method is fast, reliable, and — especially if you have your bank’s app installed — very easy to navigate.

There is one side note on this BillEase payment method, though: It takes one to two banking days for your payments to reflect in our system. Our team will first need to verify your payment and that indeed may take some time.

But what if we tell you that there’s a way that you can use your bank’s app to pay for your BillEase installment with instant payment confirmation?

Sounds interesting, huh? 

But first, let’s discuss what Instapay is. 

Instapay is a super convenient fund transfer service that allows customers to instantly transfer money to and from any participating bank nationwide!  They also have partnerships with a number of non-bank fund issuers in the Philippines — including!

And now, you can avail of this newest BillEase payment method in just four easy steps!


Important Note: You’ll need to make sure that your bank is partnered with Instapay. More and more banks are being added to their roster, but check with your bank first to make sure!

STEP 1: Open Your Online Bank Account or App

What we’re essentially doing is transferring funds from your bank account to your account. Login to your online bank account or your app and choose the option to send money to another account. 

Choose “DCPay Philippines, Inc.,” to transfer funds to your account.

STEP 2: Enter your details

The rest is pretty much straigh forward. You will need to input the amount you want to transfer (note: here’s how you can generate your own payment request), your account name, and your registered phone number in coins and confirm your transfer!

Important: The format for your phone number should be: 09xxxxxxxxx

There you go! Your payment is now on its way to and will arrive instantly. Now all you have to do is pay your BillEasse installment via Coins!

Note that there might be varying amounts of service charge, depending on your bank. Some employ zero fees, some employ up to 20php.

STEP 3: Access your payment request via your email

If you’ve never used other BillEase payment methods to pay for your installment yet, this one is for you.

Two days before their due date, all BillEase customers will receive a BillEase payment request both in their registered email address and their phone number (remember, you can also generate your own!) For this step, however, you will have to access the payment request via email. 

A number of payment methods will pop out, but for this instance let’s choose “”

STEP 4: Enter your details

This time, enter your account and the amount you want to pay. Confirm your transfer and there you have it! Your BillEase installment has been paid and you will get your payment confirmation after. 

What do you think of this super easy BillEase payment method? Will you be trying it out soon? Let’s chat!

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