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Moving to your first apartment is sure a hectic and nerve-wracking activity. But it can be fun and exciting too, especially when it’s time to buy appliances and furniture!

Don’t go getting carried away and busting your savings on expensive things, though. In this article, we’ve listed the 5 basic must-have appliances you’ll need for your first apartment.

Read? Let’s get this ball rolling!


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Buying a wireless speaker isn’t exactly fun or exciting if you don’t know what and how to buy. But the key is actually very simple: get to know what’s important to you. Knowing where and how you want to use your wireless speaker will also dictate what you’d want to buy.

So what’ll it be? We gathered five important features of a wireless speaker – let’s discuss them below.


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If you’re thinking of buying a wireless speaker of your own or replacing your old one, today is your lucky day! Today we’re going to discuss the many different kinds of wireless speaker technologies available in the market for your choosing.

What do you guys say? Let’s get into it, shall we? (more…)

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Let BillEase help you beat the summer heat with our latest promo! For a limited time only, BillEase customers can now score a brand new Matrix MX-KC1509 Air Conditioner for only ₱499 a month, for 12 months, and with a…

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Is a Smart TV worth the massive hype it’s currently in? Is it worth splurging your entire payday check on? In this article, we get the lowdown on this amazing piece of technology and list the pros and cons of buying a Smart TV.


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