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Getting your BillEase cash loan instantly is now possible via this brand new feature! Read on to know how you can take advantage of this latest BillEase feature for a seamless, hassle-free cash loan process.


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You can now easily pay your BillEase via GCash via Bills Payment. Find out how you can take advantage of this wonderful life hack – details below!


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Cash loans have been lending a helping hand to cash-strapped people ever since anyone can remember. With cash loans, you can solve financial emergencies in a jiffy as they are quick and easy to avail.

But did you know there are several other ways you can use your cash loans aside from emergencies? In this article, we are going to discuss the three ways you can use and maximize a personal loan without maxing your credit limit.


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Lazada is phasing out non-collectible vouchers soon. What does this mean for every BillEase customer? Read on to find out.


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BillEase has recently released a new installment method: the cash loan. Everyone’s been buzzing about it, and while it’s still on its beta testing mode, more and more customers are asking for it. But we understand that all these installment methods can be quite confusing for newcomers.

So in this article, we’ll discuss the three different loan methods, their differences, and how you can avail each of them.

Let’s jump into it!


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Changing your registered BillEase address and payday is now easier to do thanks to our new feature! Read on to find out how you can maximize these two new BillEase features!


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The BillEase Cash Loan, the much-requested, most awaited BillEase feature is finally here! How does it work and how can you avail it? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.


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Happy 2019 from BillEase! After a fruitful and exciting 2018, what does your favorite installment plan provider have in store for you for 2019? Let’s recap the year that passed and look forward a present (and future) that’s full of surprises!

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A new and improved BillEase app is coming to your smartphones soon and we promise it’ll be worth the wait. Read more to catch a glimpse of what to expect.


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No doubt you guys have a lot of questions about our recently launched feature, the Lazada Wallet Top-Up. Aside from providing a better, faster, and more convenient payment method, it also allows customers more freedom to manage your installment funds.…

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