Get Your Next Facial Session From Remedy Skin Solutions

Did you know that acne is the most common skin condition in the Philippines? In fact, it affects millions of Filipinos regardless of age and gender.

Aside from acne, dark spots, pores, signs of aging, and scars are also some of the issues one has to deal with. In a society where appearance still matters, it’s good to know that there are facilities that gives you “a solution beyond the cure.”

Introducing Remedy Skin Solutions.

Who is Remedy Skin Solutions?

Acne may be a common skin problem but dealing with it isn’t the same for every individual. This is where Remedy Skin Solutions come in.

Remedy believes that you can’t put a price on confidence. This is why every acne concern will be addressed with personalized and step-by-step approach to make sure that your skin concern will be solved.

Why Remedy?

  • Provides you with high-quality but reasonably-priced dermatology solutions
  • Handled by seasoned professionals in Dermatology
  • Customized treatment that will fit your needs
  • Overall skin care

To put simply, Remedy is committed to providing a treatment for acne using the safest, fastest, and most effective way possible. This way, you can get a healthy skin that you deserve.

Other services offered are:

The next question now is this: how much does the treatment costs?

This depends on the kind of treatment, the results that you want to achieve and number of sessions. For maintenance and cleansing, each session starts at P3,300 per session.

For complete rejuvenation and instant results, it will cost you P10,500 per session. Other services are between P7,000 and P9,000 per session.

Package deals are also offered by Remedy Skin Solutions, which allows you to save at least P1,500 per session.

You can check Remedy’s complete pricing of their services here.

But that’s too pricey! What are my other payment options?

The good news is Remedy Skin Solutions recently partnered with BillEase to provide you a convenient and more affordable way to help you achieve clearer and more youthful skin.

How does this work?

You only pay one-third of the total fee and pay the rest in six equal monthly installments. This way, you don’t have to pay everything in one go and budget your expenses accordingly.

The best part is you don’t even need a credit card to avail of Remedy and BillEase’s installment facility.

I’m interested! How do I apply?

Application is easy and convenient.

First, you need to sign up with BillEase to create an account. Don’t worry because signing up is easy and will not require tons of documents. You’ll get instantly approved, too. Just make sure you have at least one government-issued ID, proof of income, and proof of billing for verification.

You can sign up by downloading the app on App Store or Google Play Store for free. You can also sign up directly through BillEase website.

Second, sign up and create an account with Remedy. Signing up is convenient, too.

Third, book your consultation online by visiting Remedy Skin Solutions website. You can also access the website here. Click New Clients in case it’s your first time to try Remedy’s services.

Customize your booking by choosing your preferred treatment and desired schedule. Take note that dates in green are the clinic’s available dates.

Due to ECQ restrictions, Remedy will limit customers to ensure everyone’s safety.

Then, click Book Reservation. You can also send a message on their Instagram page for faster booking to properly facilitate the installment payment procedure.

Fourth, you will get a payment link for your treatment. Make sure to check your registered email for confirmation.

Since payment will be done on installment basis, you will be required to pay one-third of the chosen treatment while the rest will be distributed into six interest-free installments. Don’t worry because payment instructions will also be sent to your email.

Here’s a sample breakdown for your reference:

Lastly, as soon as payment is confirmed, you will receive booking confirmation as well as your payment schedule.

Make sure to pay on time to avoid incurring penalties. BillEase prioritizes clients with good payment behavior, which means you can get higher credit limit and pay for your purchases on installment even without a credit card.

What are you waiting for? Nobody does laser facials like Remedy, so make sure you book your treatment today. Remember, you deserve a healthier, glowing skin.

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