Applying to BillEase? A List of Frequently Asked Questions

BillEase tutorial Applying to BillEase? A List of Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of applying to Billease for an installment plan? Here are some frequently asked questions that will help shed light on some of the important aspects of applying for a BillEase installment plan.


So you’re new to BillEase. You probably have a billion and a half questions in your mind on how it works, how you can apply, how you can use your vouchers, and how you can pay for eventual loans.

The process may be confusing at first but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Let’s break down our customers’ frequently asked questions as a reference for your future transactions!

For starters:

What is BillEase?

BillEase is one of Lazada Philippines’ newest online partners. Through BillEase you can avail of an installment plan for all your Lazada purchases – may it be gadgets, clothes, makeup, or anything in between!

With BillEase, you have the option to shop now and pay in manageable installment chunks later. And because it is 100% online, the application process is definitely easier and more convenient for consumers!

How to Buy from Lazada on an Installment Basis

What are the application requirements?

In order for your application to be considered, you must:

    • Be at least 18 years old
    • Have a stable source of income
  • And possess a valid government ID.

Aside from these requirements, you will also be required to submit the following documents:

    • Proof of Income
    • Proof of Billing
  • Valid government ID.

You can find a more in-depth discussion of the required documents here!

How much can I borrow?

If you’re applying to BillEase for the first time, you can borrow as much as ₱30,000! Of course, this is still subject to our credit team’s approval, so make sure you submit all the right documents when applying to BillEase for faster and better transaction process!

How long is a typical loan duration?

Again, if you’re applying to Billease for the first time, we allow up to three months of loan duration. As you continually use BillEase and service your installments well, you also get a chance that your maximum loan duration gets increased.

What are the interest rates?

Here’s the best thing about BillEase – we offer minimal interest rates on our three-month installment plans. Yes, you read that right. You can borrow as much as ₱30,000 and pay minimal interest for it!

Of course, you can still be charged other fees such as a processing fee, but we assure you that we endeavored to not burden you with unnecessary fees! You can also be sure that all additional fees will be shown to you with utmost transparency via the Terms and Conditions that will be presented to you before you sign the BillEase contract.

How can I use BillEase in Lazada?

Logo of, an online shopping store that offers the widest range of exclusive products with fast delivery and secure payment in the Philippines offers the widest range of exclusive products with fast delivery and secure payment.

Once you’ve finished applying to BillEase, you can now avail your credit limit through your Lazada Wallet. You can do this by logging in to your BillEase account and clicking the “Claim Now” button. Follow the rest of the instructions, sign your contract, and that’s it! You will also be notified via email once your credits has been top-upped to your Lazada Wallet.

We also wrote a separate FAQ for activating and using your Lazada Wallet Top-Up, among other topics. You can find the guide here.

Can I use my Lazada Wallet Funds to buy multiple items from Lazada?

Oh yes, you can. You can use your wallet funds to buy as many items as you want from Lazada – as long as you’re buying physical goods. And in the event that your purchase exceeds the amount in your Lazada Wallet (say your purchase amounted to ₱6,000 and your Wallet contains ₱5,000), you will simply have to top-up your wallet with the excess amount using the Lazada’s available top-up channels.

It’s been more than 1 banking day. Does this mean my application has been rejected?

Not exactly. While we do strive to approve all BillEase applications within 1 banking day, there are days when we receive tons of applications and need some time in order to approve all of them.

Also, it may mean we need more information from you! There’s a chance that you will receive an email from our credit team requesting for a reupload of your documents. While this may sound like a hassle, initially, this is being done to ensure our credit team gives accurate and well-evaluated decisions!

You can find a useful guide on submitting documents to BillEase here.

What are you payment methods?

We have loads! Currently, we accept payments via:

    • 7-Eleven
    • Cebuana Lhuillier
  • M Lhuillier

Aside from these payment methods, we also accept payments via the following banks:

    • Security Bank
    • BDO
  • BPI

See, you’ll never run out of ways to send us your payments! You can also check out this step-by-step guide we made for paying for your BillEase loan here.

Applying to BillEase is easy, convenient, and hassle-free. Hopefully, with this guide, we managed to give you enough information and answered some of the numerous questions that you might have. Have more questions we forgot to answer here? Give us a shoutout in the comments section below!

34 thoughts on “Applying to BillEase? A List of Frequently Asked Questions

  1. hello pls I need help on the voucher code that you send me I purchase an item in lazada but I cannot used the voucher code it will appear that this voucher code cannot be used in lazada account.

    1. Hi Cedrick,

      Thanks for your inquiry! If you are a freelancer working in Upwork, you may submit your certificate of employment as a proof of income. But if you have payslips available, we prefer that you submit those as proof of income.

      Hope this helps. Thanks!

  2. Still haven’t get a response from you yet. It’s been a week since I submitted my application.

  3. In my application with billease, gross income is required. I have posted my monthly income of p70,000.00. But Processing won’t continue. It keeps coming back at the “”monthly income required”. Something missing ?

    1. Hi Juvencio,

      If you are posting your monthly income, kindly use the format 70000 instead of p70,000.00. This might be the source of the error you’re experiencing. Thank you.

    1. Our system will upgrade your limit from time to time based on how well you service your existing installments. To secure an increased limit, please keep using BillEase and service your installments well.

    1. Hi Michael,

      We do require submission of a proof of income as part of our application process and it would certainly help if you have a bank account. But if you have a payslip (at least one month’s worth), that would work too. 🙂

  4. i am an ex-OFW,i have my backyard piggery(small business,buy and sell) no receipt or any,,,my remittance is thru bank(ATM) no transaction history(whatsoever),,,,what should i submit or upload in my application,,please advise!!

    1. Hi Joseph,

      Most bank nowadays have online platforms which allows their customers to view and review their transaction histories via their website. If you have an online account, you can access your cash flow and submit a screenshot (at least a month’s worth). If you don’t have one, it might be best to register for an account as it is fairly easy to do and registration is free! Hope this helps. 🙂

  5. i am an ex-OFW,i have my backyard piggery(small business,buy and sell)no receipt or any,,,my remittance is thru bank(ATM) no transaction history or any,,,what should i submit/upload in my proof of income in my application,please advise,,thank you.

    1. If you have transaction through bank we will be requiring your bank transaction history. You can ask it in the bank itself. Thanks!

  6. i have a BDO debit card (ATM) ,should i take a picture of it (screen shot) and upload it thru as my proof of income???? please advise….

    1. Hi Joseph!

      A screenshot of your online bank account that shows at least one month’s worth of your cash flow is a more appropriate proof of income. Kindly note that we need a document that can give us a glimpse of how much you are earning so we can come up with the appropriate decision for your application. Hope this helps! 🙂

  7. Hello good afternoon should we pay the delivery man after they give us the order. i already have the billease voucher and the contract. My 1st payment is on april 15

    1. Hi Ernest!

      If your order exceeds your voucher amount (i.e. your voucher costs 4k but your order costs 5k), you will have to pay the excess amount via COD. But if your order amount is less than or equal to your voucher, no additional payment will be charged aside from the shipping fee. Thank you!

    1. Hi Criselda!

      Best to email us at [email protected] so we can fully assist you. As for alternative modes of payment, we also have a BDO, BPI and Security Bank accounts where you can deposit your payments. Check our website FAQ for more details on that!

    1. Hi Ting! Our interest rates start at 2.5%. It usually varies on how long your installment term is, although it’s necessary to note that first-time customers have a maximum of 3 months for an installment term. Thank you.

  8. Im just curious you mean to say po na pag nagapply ka ng installment at 1st time mo 3 months lang po ang ibibigay na duration? Kahit sa cellphone installment plan

    1. Hi Medy!

      Yes, all our first-time customers get a maximum of three months on their installment terms. But as customers continue using their BillEase loans and servicing their loans faithfully, their credit limits AND their installment terms can increase. Hope this clarifies!

  9. its been more than a week, but you dont accept my account…does my account have problems or etc.???

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