Buying Smart: 5 Best Dual Camera Smartphones under 15k

Getting the best dual camera smartphones need not break the bank! Here we rounded up a list of the 5 best dual camera smartphones that are just under 15k.

Excited to see our list? Read on to find out which smartphones are included.


Photography beginners and enthusiasts, listen up! If you’re looking for a great way to up your smartphone photography skills, dual camera smartphones are just for you.

Since its inception and initial release a few years back, dual camera smartphones have been rising in popularity for their ability to take better, sharper, and more sophisticated-looking pictures than their single-camera counterparts.

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Previously a high-end feature that can only be found on flagship/top-range phones, technology nowadays has helped manufacturers incorporate the dual camera setup for a more economical cost. The result? A whole slew of dual camera smartphones that is easy on the eyes, hands, and on the budget!

Here we curate the 5 best dual camera smartphones under 15k.


Doogee BL5000

Available in Lazada for ₱8,999

5 Best Dual-Camera Smartphones under 15k

First on our list of the best dual camera smartphones is the entry-level contender, the Doogee BL5000. Don’t let the name fool you, though, because this Chinese brand means business.

Priced just a little under 9k, the Doogee BL5000 is the most budget-friendly of all the dual camera smartphones on this list. And it’s not that bad too! It is equipped with two 13-megapixel rear cameras, with the second one acting as an artistic support to the first one.

The resulting images are still great by standards. Photos have a nice color and white balance is good. Although details could use a little sharpness and vividness, the Doogee BL500 still gives decent camera outputs at the end of the day.


Lenovo K8 Note

Available in Lazada for ₱8,999

5 Best Dual-Camera Smartphones under 15k

If Chinese brands are not your thing, we got another alternative for you.

The Lenovo K8 Note, released only last year, comes equipped 13-megapixel rear camera paired with another 5-megapixel camera thrown into the basket to give you that extra depth of field and bokeh effect should you want it.

Aside from the bokeh, also has a few other features worth playing with: the HDR, panorama, and professional. The front-end camera also features a Beauty Mode for that flawless selfie everyone is aiming for.

For its price, the Lenovo K8 Note is definitely quite a steal. So if you’re on a budget, this might well be one of the best dual camera smartphones that you can opt for right now.


Xiaomi Mi A1

Available in Lazada for ₱11,999

5 Best Dual-Camera Smartphones under 15k

When it comes to the midrange category, Xiaomi is arguably top of its game. The Chinese giant has been slaying again and again in different aspects, most recently with its mid-range dual camera offering, the Xiaomi Mi A1.

The Xiaomi Mi A1 has a back-end dual camera. The first – and primary – sensor is 12-megapixel wide-angle camera; meanwhile the secondary sensor is a 12-megapixel telephoto lens capable of twice the zoom power of an ordinary camera lens.

If there is one thing we wish this smartphone has, it’ll probably be an image stabilization. But other than that, the Xiaomi Mi A1 is a solid choice and definitely one of the best dual camera smartphones in the market right now.

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Motorola Moto G5S Plus

Available in Lazada for ₱13,670

5 Best Dual-Camera Smartphones under 15k

Power Shooter is probably the best way to describe the Motorola Moto G5S Plus. It has a 13-megapixel dual rear-end cameras with the first one being an RGB sensor and the other a monochrome one. Upon its release, Motorola issued two new updates on its cameras and the results are quite impressive.

Photos taken by this dual camera smartphone are sharp and detailed, with great colors and contrast. The camera’s focus is also noticeably speedier, though some shutter lag can still be experienced.

What’s more, image quality is still top notch even in low-light and indoor settings.

Compared to its feature counterparts, the Motorola Moto G5S Plus offers a good bang for buck, especially for its price. So if you’re looking for an RGB+Monochrome setup that won’t hurt your wallet, this is one of the best dual camera smartphones in the market for you.

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Huawei Nova 2i

Available in Lazada for ₱13,990

5 Best Dual-Camera Smartphones under 15k

We’re down to the last item on the list and we’ve saved the most interesting smartphone for last. How so?

Get this: the Huawei Nova 2i is not only a dual camera smartphone but a quad-camera. That’s right – it features two rear cameras and two front-end cameras. Wow, right?

The primary rear camera is a giant with its 16-megapixel capacity that can shoot at full resolution (16:9 aspect ratio). Meanwhile, the secondary camera is mostly used as a supporting camera, with a measly 2-megapixel capacity.

Photo quality is also pretty awesome, though it still suffers from minor quirks. In daylight, images are sharp with distinct bursts of color that catches the eye. But in low-light conditions, photo quality does drop a little, with the images being prone to blurs.

But for its price and its features, the Huawei Nova 2i is definitely one of your best options for the best dual camera smartphones. If you have a little money to burn, this one is for you!



And there you have it: our list of the 5 best dual camera smartphones under 15k in the market. What do you think of our list? Are you thinking of getting one of your own? Let’s discuss in the comments section below!

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