7 Tips You Can Follow to Get Your BillEase Application Approved

How to get your billease application approved

How do you get your BillEase application approved? Knowing what documents to submit is one thing, but knowing how to submit them properly is another. This article will teach you how. 

There are many ways you can improve the approval chances of your BillEase installment plan application. Today, we’re going to focus on the documents.

Submitting the right documents [link] not only increases your chances of installment plan approval, it can also fast-track your application process. At the same time, learning how to submit your documents properly is an equally important matter.

Of course there is no 100% guarantee you’ll get your BillEase application approved. We do, however, want to make the process easier for you. After all, our number one priority is to help you acquire your next Lazada purchase through our 0% installment plan!

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TIP 1: Submit your most recent, updated documents

The best kind of documents to submit is your most recent, updated documents.

As a general rule, proofs of billing should at least be three months old. If the proofs of billing are not under your name, don’t worry! What is important is that they are recent and they match your registered home address. 

On the other hand, proofs of income such as payslips and/or bank transactions should at least be one month old. We also recommend that you submit at least two payslips reflecting your salary for the whole month.

This will give the credit team a good glimpse of your monthly salary. Remember: having a healthy and stable income is a key factor to get your BillEase application approved.


TIP 2: Submit clear copies of your documents

Try as we might, we simply cannot verify something we can’t see.

Another great way to get your BillEase application approved? Make sure that all information in your document is clearly visible.Details such as the name, date, address, and other pertinent information must be clearly visible in your documents.


TIP 3: Submit authentic documents

BillEase takes its verification process seriously – as all legitimate lending companies are wont to do. Our credit team abides by a standard and adopts stringent measures to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of all documents submitted to us.


TIP 4: Submit as many documents as you can

Here’s another great tip. The more documents you submit, the easier it is to verify your information. The easier it is to verify your information, the faster you’ll get your BillEase application approved!


TIP 5: Submit complete documents

In order for our credit team to approve your application, they must first be able to check all the essential documents that we require our customers to submit.

Unfortunately, submitting an application with incomplete documents renders your application incomplete as well. With that, our credit team has no other choice but to put your application on hold until you have submitted all the required documents.

TIP 6: Don’t submit dummy documents

Let’s say you need to upload a proof of billing as part of your BillEase application. You, however, are currently in the office and do not have a copy of your Meralco bill or any other accepted proof of billing on hand. What do you do?

If you find yourself in such a situation, we recommend that you submit your application once you have it available. Uploading a dummy document may seem like a good idea in the beginning, but it actually deters your application process!

By uploading a dummy document, your application will enter the queue twice: 1st when you submit the application and 2nd when the lending company requests for the missing document.

Don’t worry that you will lose your progress. Once you’re ready to complete your application, you can just pick up where you left off!


TIP 7: Don’t submit your application twice

Unfortunately, multiple submissions won’t increase the chances that you’ll get your BillEase application approved. If anything, multiple submissions will push you down further the queue, much like if you uploaded a dummy document.

Submitting the right kind of document increases the chances that you’ll get your BillEase application approved. In addition to that, it will also make the process of your verification faster and easier for the credit team.

After all, the purpose of these documents is not just so we can verify the information you gave through the online application form you submitted; they also help us get to know you better.

Because our number one priority is to help you acquire your next Lazada purchase with ease, we want to make sure that we understand you, your needs, and your capacities as thoroughly as possible.

The more accurate information we have, the more that we can come up with better, more objective credit decisions with regards to your account and in the end, this will help us serve you better in the long run.

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